Freediving & Yoga In Mauritius

a journey with the breath

The mind is the king of the senses but the breath is the king of the mind. Control the breath and you also control the mind.

In ancient yogic practices, prana is the concept of a life force animating all living beings. This vital energy is often controlled with breathing and breath holding techniques, with the belief that the breath and the mind are linked.

Our lives can thus be viewed as a succession of breaths and thoughts. Control the breath and we control our thoughts and lives.

freediving in lake


Freediving is the most natural way of exploring the ocean and its beauty. It involves diving on a breath hold rather than diving with breathing apparatus like in scuba diving. Besides first of all experiencing the tranquility of the underwater world, there are various physical and mental benefits attributed to this type of diving.


Yoga is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. It is a conscious, self directed and evolving process of achieving one’s full potential. Yoga goes beyond just being physically flexible and involves developing the power of the mind.

Wellness coaching
Underwater Photography Mauritius

Underwater Photography

Freediving and underwater photography is a match made in heaven. The freedom that people experience underwater allows them to express themselves in ways that would have been impossible on land. The ocean becomes their playground and their creativity, inspiration for underwater photography.

Freediving Courses And yoga classes

The freediving courses follow the PADI freediving program whose purpose is to develop the skills and knowledge of freediving through a student-centered course while providing maximum practice and realistic application.

Taking in consideration your cultural background and personal abilities, the yoga classes will provide you with the knowledge and practical experience needed so you can build your own daily practice to suit your lifestyle.

All courses can be conducted in English or French.

Underwater Photography Mauritius

about me

My name is Alexandre Latour and I am fascinated by what can be achieved with the breath. Originally from Mauritius I travel the world teaching people how to breathe properly and how to hold their breath.

I first became aware of the importance of breathing properly when I started practicing hatha yoga more than a decade ago. 

As I continued exploring the potential of the breath I came across pranayama, an ancient yogic practice where the breath is voluntarily stopped. I realized that there was a lot of physical and mental benefits to gain from holding the breath and I was eventually brought into the world of freediving.

Freediving being relatively unknown in Mauritius, I took a break from my nomadic life and return to Mauritius in 2018 to introduce more people to this fascinating discipline.

my philosophy

Every person is unique and this individuality matters. This is why all the courses are conducted on a one on one basis. I trust this to be the best approach to ensure the quality of teaching, allowing every individual to develop their potential without external pressure, while receiving all the attention needed to help them flourish at their own pace.

For me being a freediver is not just about diving deep in the ocean. It’s also about being free from the mental conditions that keep us from reaching our true potential in and outside of water. My intent is to show people that freediving can be a powerful tool for the mind and self reflection. 

This is why instead of chasing after numbers I prefer to focus on techniques to give people the proper foundation to be able to later grow as a better freediver and a human being. It does not matter how deep you can dive. What matters is what you have learned about yourself during that dive.