PADI Basic Freediver Course

During the PADI Basic Freediver Course, you will learn the basic theory and practical skills required to start freediving in a safe way. You will practice the disciplines of static and dynamic apnea in a pool or in the ocean at a restricted depth of 6 m maximum.

Duration: 1 Full Day

Minimum Age: 12 Years Old

Price: Rs 15000

Freediving Mauritius

To enroll you must be in good health and fit to freedive. You will have to fill a medical form and demonstrate that you are comfortable in water by swimming 200 m non stop with any stroke (without time limit) or 300 m with fins, mask and snorkel.

During the PADI Basic Freediver course there will be some performance requirements that need to be filled to get certified and pass a small written examination at the end. 

The requirements consist of making a static apnea of 90 seconds (floating on the surface with the head in the water) and a dynamic apnea of 25 m (swimming horizontally under water).

You will be taught the correct skills and techniques to assist you in achieving these goals.

The price includes study manual, certification fees and equipment rental.