Online Classes

You want to learn freediving but no one near you is offering in water freediving courses. Or maybe you are a certified freediver without access to a body of water or training buddy and you want to know what you can do to progress on your freediving journey. I have been in both situations myself. Send me an email explaining me the difficulty you are facing and I will do my best to help you online.

Duration: 1 hour

Price: Rs 3000

Introduction to static apnea

For the newbie who wants to know more about freediving and get started with dry static breath holds.

One On One Coaching

Customized one on one coaching to help you achieve your goals as a freediver.

Freediving Diving Mauritius

Dry Training

Specific dry training techniques to condition yourself for depth disciplines or improve freediving performance in general.

Co2 & O2 Training

Breathing and breath holding exercises to help you improve your CO2 and O2 tolerance in a more effective and time efficient way than the usual CO2 & O2 tables.

Mental Training

Breath holding is more of a mental than a physical practice. Is your mind what is keeping you from reaching new depths or times?

Equalization Training

Are you having difficulty to reach the required depth to get certified? Or is ear equalization what is keeping you from reaching new depths?


Like abs, breath holds are also made in the kitchen. Find out what to eat to help you improve your breath holds.