CO2 & O2 Training

The CO2 and O2 training program for freediving is designed to enhance your body’s tolerance to carbon dioxide (CO2), delay your diaphragmic contractions and increase your body’s tolerance to low oxygen (O2) saturation, enabling you to safely push your limits and achieve new breath-holding performances.

Duration: Half Day

Minimum Age: 15 Years Old

Price: Rs 5000

You do not need any freediving experience to enroll in the CO2 and O2 training program but an understanding of how the body works under apnea is required and prior experience with static apnea or some form of breath work is highly recommended.

Unlike standard tables that use a one fit for all approach, during the CO2 and O2 training program you will learn specialized and personalized techniques to help you delay your urge to breath and withstand hypoxia.

*Can be conducted online